Grass-Fed Humanely Raised (and loved) Lamb


To buy lamb from Gathering Ground, please add your name to Gathering Ground’s 2020 sheep drawing.

We have had so much interest in buying lamb that we decided the fairest way handle it is to do a drawing for the sheep. If you would like to have a chance to buy a whole lamb, please fill out the form below. The winner of the lamb can divide up the meat with family and friends. We will draw five names. The sixth sheep will be given to the WI food pantry and served at Gathering Ground events. The drawing will be held on October 14 at noon. Sign up here.

The lambs are going market on October 19. We are bringing them Otto’s Meats – Custom Butchering in Luxemburg, WI. If your name is drawn you will be asked to fill out a cut sheet that can be found on Otto’s website here and to pick up the meat directly at Otto’s.

We are selling the lambs at $3.00/lbs live weight plus butchering fee, which will be paid directly to Otto’s.

Each lamb may weigh about 120 lbs live weight. A lamb that dresses at 50 lbs. will usually yield between 35- 40 lbs. of take home meat.

Sign up here.

Questions? Email us.