2020 in Review

This year, we got past the rose chafers, started a community composting program, planted a garden to grow winter squash for the WI food pantry, and introduced sheep into the vineyard and orchards to add fertility and maintain weeds. We also planted over 200 trees, shrubs and vines with our 2020 interns, Alex and Izzy, as well as hosted our first annual Island Garden Tour!

2020 by the Numbers

Planted 120 trees

We continued to grow our community orchard to 3.5+ acres of apple, pear, chestnut, butternut, hearnut and hazelnut trees. Thes trees will produce food while building soil and locking carbon underground!

Planted 165 shrubs & vines

We planted 90 more disease resistant Itasca grape vines and 75 blueberries. We hope to get our first lingonberries and blueberries next year!

1 donor pledged to MATCH donations!

ALL end of year donations. What you give before the end of December will be doubled!

3 compost bins OPEN!

We opened a community composing program for all Island residents, visitors and businesses. We diverted kitchen waste from several households, one Island business, and the woodshop class at the Island School. We look forward to expanding our reach next year!

2 interns • 6 seminars • so many ideas

With our 2020 interns, we read one book (Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer) and six articles on a range of topics from soil health to living in reciprocity with the more-than-human world.

Mulched 265+ plants

Mulch is the queen of the orchard – it keeps new plantings hydrated and provides nutrients as it breaks down. We LOVE mulch.

7 gardens • 100+ visitors

During Gathering Ground’s first annual garden tour, seven sites around the Island hosted more than 100 visitors. We talked about plants, gardening techniques and more, and fun was had by all.