by Alessandra Rolffs, Executive Director


Three cheers for Gathering Ground! We’ve made it through the first year. I’ve been so inspired to see so many community members join in, in different ways, throughout the year. The potluck and the harvest party stand out to me as guideposts for the future.

As Russell and I set up the tables for the potluck, we didn’t know who, if anyone, would show up. Our expectations were exceeded as 60 people arrived. The generous group brought and shared their gifts – food, music, tables, table clothes, bowls. In return for the generosity,  all were rewarded with a delicious meal, good conversation, amazing music, and a great deal of leftovers to enjoy the next day.

sixteen people sitting in chairs and on picnic blankets in front of the vineyard, sharing a potluck meal

Again, the harvest party. We didn’t know what to expect. We put out the call via email, facebook, and signs around town, and again a group of 60 generous people arrived with gloves and clippers, snacks and water bottles. What I enjoyed as much as the beauty of clusters of grapes was getting to know people as we harvested together. Chatting, harvesting, walking up and down rows, the time spent in the vineyard was so renewing to my spirit and my body.

Volunteers in the vineyard

I believe both of these are tangible examples of abundance. Often, in our culture, we are encouraged to have scarcity mindset: Fear of missing out, fear that other people will get a bigger piece of the pie, fear that there is not enough for me. I think that this year has taught me to trust in abundance. Like the grape vines that produced so abundantly with a little love from the vineyard tenders, the sun, and the rain. As we move into our second year at Gathering Ground, I’m excited to bring this abundance mindset with me!

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