Awarded SARE Grant for Youth Educators

Ground School was awareded a grant from SARE, a departement of the USDA, that focuses on Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education. The grant of $5,800 will go to support the educational goals of Ground School.

Of the 69 proposals submitted for grant, the committed selected 18 proposals for funding.

Reviewers commented on the grant application with the following comments:

  • It is a well-designed project with a detailed plan for activities. The project’s outreach and evaluation plans are appropriate. The people are qualified for the proposal. More people can be involved to increase its impact.
  • Sounds like they’re doing great things for youth in sustainable ag, and this is a way to expand their reach. Very complete curriculum of activities and lessons.
  • This project fills an important gap to provide experiential learning to students. The proposal could benefit from having more measurable objectives and by explaining how the scholarship recipient will be determined.
  • Diverse topics covered in this program.
  • Overall your strong points are the outreach and evaluation process.

    “We are encouraged by the award of the grant.” says Alessandra Rolffs, Executive Director.  “It’s wonderful to have an outside agency look at our programs, believe in them, and give tangible support.”

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