End-of-Year Report

We are excited to share our first Annual Report!

A Few Highlights:

From Russell Rolffs, Board President: In 2018, we will also begin pioneering a low-impact vineyard management program for Northern Hybrid vineyards in the Midwest. With the help of experts from around the region, we believe our pilot program for sustainable grape management will prove to be a resource for grape growers across the midwest who wish to to grow grapes, but don’t want to use so many environmentally harmful fungicides and pesticides.

We are excited by what this end of the year giving will mean for Gathering Ground. If we receive $15,000 in gifts from individuals, and $15,000 from our matching donor, we will be able to jump start our programs in meaningful ways in the next year.

From Margaret Foss, Board Member: Wisconsin’s own esteemed conservationist, Aldo Leopold, most succinctly states my feelings about Gathering Ground’s vision to “cultivate and inspire ecologically-minded agriculture and partnership with land and people.” As one who is quickly joining the ranks of “older folks” on the island, and as a schoolteacher here nearing the end of my tenure, I feel a burgeoning sense of urgency to see our beautiful lands preserved, while at the same time exploring sustainable efforts to maintain and grow our economy for the benefit of coming generations. It is thrilling to be a part of Gathering Ground’s founding and to foster the partnership between the island school and Gathering Ground.

Our focus is on community. Gathering Ground exists to bring people together around sustainable agriculture, to facilitate educational opportunities for youth and the community, and to work toward economic development in agriculture on Washington Island. Join us in our mission!

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