Thursday Workshops at The Grounds

Gathering Ground is beginning to offer regularly scheduled gardening workshops this year each Thursday at 9:30 am May 25 – July 27, with occasional Thursdays in August and September. Workshops will be primarily led by Russell Rolffs, but also occasional guests. We’ll keep things informal and fun, but we’ll also be breaking new ground and trying to wrap our heads around big subjects. All ages are welcome to join, though children must be accompanied by an adult. Gathering Ground has lots of projects going on, from berries to nuts to herbs to veggies, and we will delve into it all! We will gather to discuss, wander to discover, and converse while we work. Coffee from WISCO and occasionally treats served at 9:15 am and then we start to dig in (pun intended). Many of our hopeful topics are listed below, but we would love recommendations (please send to Look for a schedule of workshops to come soon! 


  • Drip irrigation (option to buy irrigation system): planned for May 25
  • Native wildflower gardening
  • Apples for home orchards
  • Botany for gardeners 
  • Field day: Chestnuts and planting seedlings to nursery
  • Soil, compost, and fertilizers for the garden
  • Herb gardening (annuals and perennials!)
  • Container and raised bed gardening
  • Field day: Vineyard 
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Plant propagation
  • Soil tests and improving soil health
  • Shade gardening
  • Three sisters and three cousins gardening (polycultures in the vegetable garden and orchard!) 
  • Efficient weed management
  • Field Day: new fruit at GG

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