Registration for 2024 Workshops

Irrigation Workshop: May 30, 9:30

Sign up deadline: April 16. 

May 30 at 9:30 am at Gathering Ground. Join us for a workshop where you how to install and use a drip irrigation system for your home garden. Participants will go home with their own irrigation kit. Registration for this class will close March 31. Irrigation kits will include: • a pressure regulator • filter • 50 feet of header tubing • 1,000 feet of drip irrigation tubing • emitters and connecters needed to connect it to a garden hose (hose not provided).

Agricultural Internship

Weed Management & 3-sisters gardening workshop. June 6.

Registration Deadline: May 1

Join us. June 6 at 9:30 am at Gathering Ground. In this workshop we will talk through several ideas for managing your garden for fewer weeds, including solutions for both vegetable gardens and perennial gardens, such as stale seed beds, mulch options and using plants to prevent the growth of weeds. Take home a package options:

1) three sisters garden garden kit to plant immediately, including sweet corn transplants, butternut squash transplants, and pole bean seed.

2) 50 feet of high quality landscape fabric that does not let weeds in and does not degrade for many years

3) Three sisters garden kit + landscape fabric

Gardening with Native Plants: June 13

Registration deadline to select native plants to take home: May 1.  

Join us Thursday 6/13 at 9:30 at Gathering Ground. Learn the why and how behind native plant gardens, and receive 7 two-year-old native perennial wildflowers, grasses, sedges and ferns in 1-gallon pots that you choose, grown by Hoot Blossom Farm. Plant selections for sunny and shady areas and all soil types. Recommend to plant with deer protection.

Compost Workshop: June 20

Registration Deadline: June 1 

Join us Thursday 6/20 to learn the ins and outs of composting, including how to set up and manage a 3-bin home composting system, the technique and benefits of hot compost, how to balance carbon and nitrogen, how to join Gathering Ground’s community compost program, and why composting is so important — especially on the Island. Go home with your 5-gallon bucket with easy screw on lid for compost collection.

All Season Lettuce Workshop

Registration Deadline: May 30

Join us Thursday 6/27 at 9:30 am. Learn to grow lettuce in all seasons of the year, including summer. Go home with 10 lettuce seedlings of butterhead and bibb lettuces, as well as seed for fall lettuce. Learn cultivate techniques, succession planting for lettuce all season, and a few tricks for extending the lettuce season in the spring and fall.

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    Would like to purchase 6 tickets for dinner in vineyard in August
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    Amy and Gary Delzell


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