Gardening with Native Plants and Wildflowers

Russell Rolffs, Gathering Ground's farm manager and owner of Hoot Blossom Farm, shared with us his growing knowledge about Native plants and Wildflowers during a Zoom Coffee Talk in February. Hoot Blossom Farm is selling starts and 2 and 3 year old plants for your garden. Hoot Blossom will donate a wildflower plug to Gathering … Continue reading Gardening with Native Plants and Wildflowers

Forest Path Connecting School to Gathering Ground

This fall Washington Island students had a field day roaming the woods between Gathering Ground and Island School. Since then, they have been working in groups to design a path that connects the school to “The Grounds.” And we couldn’t be more excited!  The physical connection of the two properties will create easy access for … Continue reading Forest Path Connecting School to Gathering Ground

Our Educational Internship, Year 4

Planting trees and tending vines has absorbed the majority of our efforts so far, but education is at the heart of our organization. GG’s internship is entering its fourth year in 2021, and we are excited about how the program is growing. Just as our roots and branches of our trees are extending their reach until maturity, so too are our educational programs.

Nature Writing with Write On and Gathering Ground

By Nora Boxer, UWM graduate student in creative writing This January, I was given the opportunity to participate as a student in Write On, Door County’sThe Craft of Writing Series via a scholarship made possible through Gathering Ground. Thefocus of the three-week series was Nature, and it was led by writers Camille Dungy and ScottRussell … Continue reading Nature Writing with Write On and Gathering Ground

Sheep at Gathering Ground

by Russell Rolffs, farm manager This year, Gathering Ground grazed six White Dorper sheep, rotating them through the vineyard June to August and then the young chestnut and fruit orchards the rest of the season. Combining livestock with crops is a sustainable practice because it creates a harmonious relationship between two agricultural pursuits wherein the … Continue reading Sheep at Gathering Ground