EC#3: Haunted Landscapes and Agricultural Land

By Emma Knicklebine In my last two blog posts, I have set before you some ecocritical theories that have had a huge impact on how I’ve thought about my work at Gathering Ground.  Now, in my last post, I reflect on the internship by setting out another concept, one grounded in the past, present, and … Continue reading EC#3: Haunted Landscapes and Agricultural Land

Ecocritism Pt 2: Trans-corporeality and the Farm

One of the easiest, and most potent, ways to see trans-corporeality at work is through a study of eating.  Everyone eats, from humans down to the smallest microbes.  And, in eating, we take the nonhuman into our bodies, where it becomes a part of us.  Therefore, every body that eats or is eaten participates in a wild kind of alchemy, transforming from one existence to another through the act of consumption.  

How about them Apples?

Apples are high on the list for backyard gardeners. Gathering Ground is working to identify delicious apples that grow relatively free of disease here on the Island, to assist home growers and help ensure their success. We are trialing a large variety of heritage apples that are known for being tasty and easier to manage … Continue reading How about them Apples?

Dinner in the Vineyard! Sept 1!

Join us for Dinner in the Vineyard, Saturday Sept 1! We are exciting to be hosting some of the top local chefs. The evening will include a cocktail hour with passed appetizers and libations from local breweries and wineries. A vineyard tour will be followed by a big table, family-style meal featuring fresh, local ingredients prepared … Continue reading Dinner in the Vineyard! Sept 1!

The Farmers Market is Growing

The Farmers Market at Gathering Ground is growing! We are happy to have new vendors joining us, including Pat Nikolai with crafts and baked goods, D. Marie with Jewelry, Folk Tree Farm with mushrooms and goat milk soap, Island Edibles with delectable desserts and microgreens, Sweet Mountain Farm with Honey, and Island Harvest and Hoot Blossom … Continue reading The Farmers Market is Growing

A Look at Farmers’ Bulletin (Part 2)

So I must admit that I’ve become enthralled by the Farmers’ Bulletins. I now know the best way to remove coffee stains from artificial silk, “now commonly called rayon by the trade” from Bulletin 1474, entitled “Stain removal from fabrics: home methods.” And if I’m honest, I’m as pleased to learn that rayon was once … Continue reading A Look at Farmers’ Bulletin (Part 2)

Elevating our thoughts and hopes

Since 1889, the the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been publishing farmers’ bulletins to disseminate the latest in agricultural science and research. I was recently reading through the first bulletin and was surprised by its poetic language. In making a case for why the USDA was setting up research stations across the country (still recovering … Continue reading Elevating our thoughts and hopes